Northerly Windings

by Evils That Never Came

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Release date somewhere around 6/29/2010


released June 29, 2010




Evils That Never Came California

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Track Name: Nine Point
You don't have any friends when your only friends follow you home to borrow medicine from your grandma's medicine jars. She's an old fashioned girl fashioned in the first world war that's a war a war she had a taste for. When she grabs your face gets a grip on your cheek plants a kiss and wishes for a family. "You look like a young man should no regard for common good" and we don't understand, we don't understand. We don't understand that we don't understand, we don't understand that we don't understand. When she grabbed my face suddenly lost her grip fell down, hands on her own face, we don't understand, we don't understand.
Track Name: Sea House
Put your favorite song on looks like a radio but it sounds like a tv and we should all congratulate her on her amazing ability to not fall and we should complain when the audio changes and we should complain when the movie star sounds like a tv. Sounds like what we need is a friend on the inside of a magazine. Sounds like a recipe for a suicide but in the end it seems alright. Going to find a new place international. All for love; to fall in love. And, I'm going to keep a picture of my home nation to fall in love.
Track Name: Solar Charger
You're looking on so looking dancing on the street so far on your feet different kind of girl not going to let you say it first galvanized stainless fucking words you can't scream when your whisper runs. Like a machine like a bit biting at your stream like a machine a series of bits laying on your screen like a machine. Good god when evil calls and there's not enough amphetamines on you, won't ever go into an ambulance without you.
Track Name: Angel Camp
Baby come on we're sick of this conversation but we can all pretend to sing a song about what you call friends. Moves like the moon, smells like a roman candle falling on your friend. There's a name for following people, I know, on an ad for an angel camp next door sorry you can't come along it seems like you're giving it all you've got you are not disillusion is strong you have this illusion that love is around you but you are wrong. Turn yourself into a superstar dance upon your car. Dance until you dance until you're gone light indicating on. Build a roller coaster in your yard...send your best friend spinning.
Track Name: IMURERK
I'm your offshore hospital, I can treat your cuts and bruises, dab some bactine on your lip, butterfly bandage up your skin and soak up the blood. If you think you're losing blood maybe we forgot to watch your fluids I can stick a needle in your arm summon the nurse strap on a glove and sound the alarm. You should lay face down like your face has broken your fall because it looks like somebody let you go sat on your feet and gave you a push when all you really need is a friend who can sew to take it slow.
Track Name: The Watchers
All these faucets are game charge you for a sip though drink all you want but go slow while I wait for some friends to arrive. Then a train of cars come, flags on the hood, from afar, some fancy cars, somebody called to let them know there was trouble afoot. Watch me now, watch me with a back-pack flame thrower, watch me like the blades of a fan blowing sand in your eyes. See this stream isn't rain is coming from that drain - it's sort of like rain but with octane blended with blue paint for affect. ...train of cars thing again...chorus watch me now again and the bridge is like fixing to go alone fixing to go in alone where nobody goes nobody goes fixin' to go that. then a chorus again
Track Name: Circus Galop
I saw you in line for gravitron - a starship 3000, and I'd like to see you in those lights, you'd float like an angel. We can ride this animal upside down the whole time! Do you know if you can paint fall fashion with clothes? Does a pine cone fall in the snow? Does a flash bulb work in the cold? You used to call me up to say you were looking at photos. When you stopped calling every day...when you didn't notice...we can ride this animal upside down the whole time. chorus again
Track Name: Sun Room
You can photograph this car crash but these lights are faster than your film; and if she doesn't die these photographs will belong to her. You can't come but your name comes up and it's always some song about a film from a long time ago, can't call but your name comes up and it's always some song about a film from a long time ago, can't call bloody coin purse latch bloody specks on your fingernails, blood on your fingers. You should know the consequence of knowing that your knowing is enough and then you'll know you get it.
Track Name: Mahmania
This is how it feels when somebody hates you; no bloody ears nor your bloody lips on my ears at all. Like a comet you see it coming, sun in your eyes, writes on the black sky. Drink a bottle of me and your sunny days will rain right out your backside. What if they come or send somebody and all whether we say no? Father when she comes she seems alright, she thinks she feels alright, she thinks she knows, nobody knows. Stop her when she comes, she seems alright, he thinks she's seen the light, he thinks she knows, the further from the son then she's coming closer. STOP THAT FUN FROM FEELING RIGHT I know it feels so nice, I know you know that people like to come when you call them over.
Track Name: Down the Wrong St.
If you can't find your way down this street at night, give me a call and I'll tell you how to get here - and if you don't see me standing in front of my house, you've gone down the wrong street. When you stand by me you can see clearly that you are standing by yourself or not at all.